Lion, Lake NakuruBaboons, Lake NakuruTrees by Lake NakuruDriving in Lake Nakuru National ParkDead Tree by Lake NakuruFlamingoes on Lake NakuruStorks of Lake NakuruRipples on Lake NakuruRainbow over Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park greeted us with a lion. Peering out of the truck, we could hear its heavy breath. Late that evening, the park sent us off with a rainbow pasted against a possibly stormy sky, flamingoes, and storks scattered around, flitting snatches of color against a brilliantly foreboding sky.

We succumbed to the urge to fling our arms wide, spin, look at everything. This is real. Not Discovery Channel, not Animal Planet, but really really real, and of course better than television. Majestic places like this do exist! Even the stink of the mud was astounding and perfect.

That night, we came to a consensus that this day could indeed be classified as epic.