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Finland! A Packing List.

Posted on 12 December 2014

Planning a Finland travel adventure? Great choice! Finland is one of my favorite countries. I can’t keep myself away—I’ve been seven times so far! All of my trips to this country with its Nordic sheen yet undeniable quirk have given me some travel wisdom that I would like to share with you. Let’s learn from my mistakes and observations and talk about what to pack. Read More… This is the first article in a series I have been asked to write for Pink Pangea as their new Country Expert on Finland.  

Look At It Sideways: Coping With Pre-Departure Anxiety

Posted on 7 August 2014

“How excited are you for your trip?” my boyfriend asked. “Moderately,” I said, “I still have to pack.” Moderately. I’m about to embark on a should-be amazing trip to Lake Baikal, the Baltic countries, and my dear Finland. Why wouldn’t I be excited? Alas, although I’m an experienced traveller, the pre-departure anxieties still cling tightly. I’m an incredibly anxious person. Even going to the grocery store down the street stresses me out, and I waste away in anticipation of the hour when I’ll need to force myself to leave. And driving? Please, please, don’t suggest that I drive somewhere new, or to a place with scarce parking. There’s a good chance I’ll be teary by the end of the struggle—if I’ve even been forced…