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Glimpses of Slaughter and Silence

Posted on 20 November 2016

There was a wall before me. I ran my hands along it. I peered over it. I spent months perched on top, dangling my feet over the edge, observing. I scraped my elbows and palms, gathering glimpses at foreboding pasts and awful alternative presents, collecting calluses. The wall is cracking beneath my palms. Genocide seems far away. Even when standing on its grounds, an inexperienced mind, sans memories, isn’t elastic enough to fully accept this truth. When I was there, I tried, I really did. I looked at everyone my age and older: Which side were you on? What memories do you hold in your body? Around me, motortaxis zipped by. Rwanda truly felt safe to me. Reconciling pleasant Kigali with what I knew…

Break Your Shoes Rather Than Your Heart

Posted on 17 March 2014

Alone, at 5am, I stepped off the bus. Alone, I took the U-Bahn to Friedrichstraße. Russia, Estonia, twice Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic were behind me and Berlin was my final destination. A month of classes, and then my sojourn abroad would be complete. By now, I was used to drifting. I became a walker, a wanderer, gliding down endless streets, avenues, alleys as languages flowed over me, understood in varying degrees. Friends faded in and out as I moved around. But often, I was alone. I was toughening. I was learning I am who I can trust. And now, shaping myself, I could sense the future, both certain and unknown. I was gaining some control as I wore down my…