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The Flood

Posted on 31 May 2015

Under a tree I sat, brow inevitably furrowed. My eyes felt red. I looked around at the greenery. It was not too cold, not too hot. Large flowers, and an avocado tree, were not far. I was in Kenya. But I was miserable, I seethed, I felt trapped in this place, in my skin. I picked at a piece of grass then threw it as far as I could. Sexual harassment had, long ago, gotten very old for me. I would say I was used to it—the waiting to cross the street while men leaned out of a truck and hollered, the walking home from class briskly and hearing whistles despite my headphones, the shielding my face as men laughed, sticking cell phones in…

I Am Another’s, But Also My Own

Posted on 9 July 2014

“What does your boyfriend think about that?” I usually crack a joke, something like “eh, he’s used to it,” but the constant questioning of how Ben feels about my travels begins to rub the wrong way. Everyone who has asked that question doesn’t even know him, so the motivation behind the question is less “someone I care about might be lonely” and more “wow, your boyfriend lets you travel on your own?” I’ve seen a clear difference in reactions to male friends’ travel plans; there is never any doubt of them being allowed to march where they please. I suppose this is just another thing that solo women travelers often must deal with. Of course, there’s the sexual harassment, which is even harder to navigate…